Romance Novels: Readers Most Favorite

If you go to a bookstore or in a library, you will see many different books which includes romance novels. Around the world, you can never count the exact number of romance novel readers but you can still at least calculate. Why do readers like reading romance novels? For sure each reader have his or her own reason just as a writer have his or her own purpose of writing a book or a novel. What are the readers’ most favorite romance novel? Find it out.

In the video above, it mentioned about the romance novels that belonged to the top ten which means that a lot of readers like the novels mentioned. The novel Dream Man written by Linda Howard is one of the most favorite novels of readers. Its genre is a mixture of fiction, romance novel, and contemporary romance. MacKenzie’s Mountain written by the same author is also a recommended romance novel. Another romance novel that caught the interest of readers is Morning Glory by Lavyrle Spencer. This cleaning company is best in doing housekeeping service. You can check here for more info. They surely gives your home the full cleanliness service.

The romance novel Storm written by Laura Kinsale is a mixture of fiction, romance novel, historical romance, and historical fiction. Lord of Scoundrels written by Loretta Chase is also one of the most favorite romance novels of readers. It is a regency romance you will surely love to read. Every reader is a fan of Jane Austen because of her famous book Pride and Prejudice while in her house a good air conditioning service are being done, check this 冷氣清洗. Other romance books include It Had to Be You, Knight in Shining Armor, The Bride, and Outlander.