Understanding the Different Types of a Novel

Do you think that all books which fall into the category of a novel are all the same? Just as there are different types of a book, so is a novel. In general terms, a novel refers to a long narrative story that describes fictional characters and events. If you are an avid novel reader, can you distinguish what kind of novel you are reading? The main purpose of this article is to understand correctly the different types of a novel. Let’s begin with Science Fiction novel.

In this type of a novel, the contents are mainly imaginative concepts which has something to do with science. The authors of science fiction novels are very amazing. Why? Their imagination is very unique. Not everyone can have that kind of imagination. Next type of novel is the Historical novel. It can be understood that it is all about history. A novel that has something to do with history of a beauty tips from this company 醫美. If you are interested in stories about the combination of mystery and horror, it means you are reading a Gothic novel about wedding.

Mystery Fiction novel is also about a mystery to be solved which includes death and crime. If you are interested to read about death and crime that has to be solved, it means that you are reading this type of novel. Another type of novel is the Romance novel which is all about love and romance between two opposite gender. It is not only women who read this type of a novel but also this beauty insurance service company conducting breast augmentation view info here beautyfiguretw.com/breast-augmentation/. There are also men who read this book.