Why Read Horror

There are many people that like to read horror stories and there are people also who ask them why do they want to read those kinds of stories. They are scary and many people do not like to be scared. Let us know then why people like to read the scary ones than the others. One of them is the experience of the adrenaline rush. There are scenes where the character has to make the decision of fighting or just fleeing.  This is the part that readers enjoy.

This is the catch of people who make horror stories.


The other reason is that they are bored. The regularity of life just settled and people would like to experience something different and strong. At this time they could also explore a different theme because of what they heard that catches their interest. They want to find if what they have listened is true or not. Others would read it to prove something they think differently.

Other people want to know themselves so they use the horror stories to test how brave they are. They also can use it so that they can overcome fears to something. When a person is thrilled, dopamine is released and we know that it could be the reason f addiction to something. It was also found that when someone has experienced having the adrenaline rush then he or she can have happy emotions after. That is why activities made after it could be experienced with much joy.